100 USD Amazon Gift Card

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This is A Bitkul Lottery Game for Registered User.

What prizes can I win?

Play today for your chance to win 100 USD Amazon Gift Card every week.

You don’t need to do anything when you win a prize. We’ll let you if you’ve won by email and automatically send you BTPs. It’s that easy. All you have to do is spend your winnings! We also feature names of winners right here every week.

What is the Weekly Lottery?

All tickets cost 1USD a week. You can buy up to 20 tickets for each weekly draw.[ultimate_modal btn_size=”md” btn_bg_color=”#ff552e” modal_on_align=”right” btn_text=”What is BTPs” modal_size=”medium” overlay_bg_opacity=”80″ modal_border_style=”solid” modal_border_width=”1″ modal_border_color=”#e8e8e8″ modal_border_radius=”4″ btn_txt_color=”#ffffff” header_font_size=”desktop:16px;” header_font_style=”font-weight:bold;”]

What is BTPs

BTPs is abbreviation for bitkul poins. It’s used to reward bitkul members.

100 BTPs = 1 USD , 1 BTPs = 1 US Cent


Multiple ways to get BTPs :

1) Publish posts.

2) Publish comments.

3) Referral visitors to bitkul.com

4) Referral vistors signup bitkul.com

5) Members reward post author (Post Liked)

6) Members reward comment author (Appreciation Comment)

7) Purchase BTPs directly at BTPs Wallet

Usage of BTPs :

1) Reward post author or comment author.

2) Purchase products on bitkul.com

3) Withdrawal. After bitkul member applying withdrawal, bitkul will convert BTPs into USD and payout in 24 hours. Members are allowed to withdraw once a week. Minimum withdrawal amount is 5,000 BTPs (50.00 USD).


You can pay online with BTPs.

It’s as easy as two steps!

  1. Simply choose how many weekly tickets you want at 1 USD each
  2. Pay for the tickets

Then wait for being a winner.

To play, remember you must be over 18.


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