Account Information

Protecting Account

How to improve your account security

Important: If you suspect that an unauthorized party has already accessed or attempted to access your account, please contact us immediately.

The following tips are proven ways to improve your account security:

1. Set a secure password

  • Use a combination of letters or numbers ? e.g. beatlesfan28, with no spaces between
  • Use multiple words and numbers without spaces ? e.g. thebestboss84
  • Never use single words that can be found in any dictionary ? e.g. manager or bamboo
  • Never use personal information others can easily obtain or guess ? e.g. your name, phone number, or birth date
  • Never use your email address as the password
  • Never use common passwords ? e.g. 123456 or ABCDEF

2. Sign in to BitKul regularly

Signing into BitKul ensures your account information stays current

3. Be cautious when you receive requests for private or sensitive information

Never click on links in emails to access BitKul web pages if you suspect the message might not really be from us. Avoid filling out forms in email messages that ask for your personal information, such as your Member ID, password and other information. Most sign-in pages can be identified by addresses that begin with

4. Use anti-virus software and a firewall

Some computer viruses steal your password and financial account information. For this reason, it is recommended that you install anti-virus software and update it on a regular basis. A firewall is a system designed to prevent unauthorized parties (usually referred to as “hackers”) from gaining access to sensitive information stored on your computer.

Login Fail ?

To log in your account successfully, please ensure the correct registered email address (or Member ID) and password. Your password is case sensitive, so please check if your keyboard’s Caps Lock light is on and also make sure there are no extra blank spaces in the password.

If your registered email address and password are correct and you are still unable to sign in successfully, please follow the below steps to set your browsers:

1. Check if your browser if you have blocked Third-party Cookies option. If the Third-party Cookies option has been blocked, please enable it

2. Please be advised to delete cookies


For purchasing products you need register an account first.

Fill out the register form.

After registration you will get a email to active your account



Registration Fail?

You may meet the following issue when you register:

1. Your email address has been registered as a member

Please change another email address to set up your account. Or you can use the existed email address to retrieve your password.Click here to retrieve your password.

2. Your Contact Name is not in English

If certain letters of your name contain Non-English letters, you are advised to use the similar English ones instead. For example, you may change letter “?” to “c”.

3.The ‘Enter the Code Shown’ does not show

If no word appears in the “Enter the Code Shown” image, please check your browser’s setting as follows:
1) Open the browser, click “Internet Option” in the “Tool” section
2) Click “Advanced” tab, then choose the “Media”
3) Ensure to make a tick on “Display Picture”

After setting your browser successfully, please simply enter any word and submit. You will then see an error indication and another security codeword will be displayed. Submit the security codeword shown to complete the process.

Sign In

After activate your account you can now sign in.

Fill out popup sign in form

Reset Password

1.Sign into Bitkul:

2. Go to “My Account” — “My Settings”


3. Enter your current password, and enter new password, click “Save Changes”.

To reset your password, click here.

Forget Password

If you forget your password, you can reset password :

Get reset password link via email:

My Account Overview

1.1 My Profile

After sign in you will see “my account” area.

  1. ”My account” categories.
  2. Your shop information, if you have a shop.
  3. Products which you added as Favorites
  4. New items on

We recommend you upload a profile image and fill out the profile form if you want to open a shop ans sell products.

1.6 My Earnings

“My Earnings” shows seller’s revenue,profit and balance.

Current Rate 95% means , bitkul service fee is 5%, the rest 95% goes to seller.For example, buyer paid $100 , seller gets $95 , bitkul gets $5 as service fee.

Withdrawal Rules:

  • Withdrawal Amount should be an amount in USD .
  • BitKul convert this Amount in USD into Bitcoin according to USD/BTC live rate from
  • Seller gets equivalent Bitcoins.
  • There is no minimum withdrawal amount.
  • There is no extra fees for withdrawal.
  • Withdrawal takes max. 24 hours.


1.5.2 Orders

Shop oders show the list of sold products.

Click the pen icon to check the order details. Add Item

At Shop Items list page click “Add Item” to add new product.

Fill out the “Add Item” form. Don’t forget upload product featured image. Edit Item

To edit product you need fill out the “Edit Item” form.

A.      Name: Product name.

B.1    Featured Image: This image will show on home page or category page.

B.2   Images: Image gallery to show more  product details.

C.     Category: You need choose one of categories from the category list. If there is no suitable category ,please  contact us or ask for support

D.    Tags: Add tags to help your customer to find your products easier .

E.     Regular Price:  Set your product price here.

F.     Sale Price: Special price, reduction in price.

G.    File: upload your virtual product in *.zip  or *.rar file format.

H.   Product Description: give your customer the product details.

1.5.1 Shop Items

List of your shop products

Click “ADD ITEM” to add new product.

Click the pen icon to edit the product.

Click the eye icon to preveiw the product.

1.5 My Shop

It’s very easy to sell product on bitkul.

First you need to fill out and save the shop information to open a shop. It could be necessary if you add a shop profile picture to help your customer to rember your shop.

You will not see the secondary categories “Items” and “Orders” until the shop information is saved.

1.4 My Referrals

If anyone purchases product through your referral link , you will get 3% of total purchase amount as referral reward.

1.3 My Settings

Click “My Settings” to change default email address, password and notifications permission.


change password
email address

1.2 My Orders

1.2 Click “My Orders” to view list of purchased products.

1.2.1 click the eye icon to check the order details.

If your order status is in Precessing, it means, the seller is preparing to delivery. After product delivered seller will set order status to Completed.

If the seller do NOT delivery in 48 hours, you may ask for refund.




oder status

Placing Orders

Using Shopping Cart

There are 2 methods to add product into cart.

A. Direct add to cart by clicking cart icon under product featured image.

At menu bar you will see shopping cart with product amount


B.  Click “Add To Cart” at product page

Then you will see a notification bar which will lead you to cart details page.


Click “View Cart” to view cart details


Purchase Quantity

Default purchase quantity is 1.

To change the purchase quantity before click “Add To Cart:


After product quantity changed click “Update” to comfirm the changing.


Delete Product In Cart

Click “X” icon to remove product in cart.

Cancel An Order?

You can cancel your unpaid order at “My Account”–“My Orders”.

Check Order Status

After login go to “My Account” — “My Orders” to check your order status.


Receive Order

According to experience , if you pay with

  • Bitcoin, you will reveive order within 10 hours.
  • Litecoin, you will reveive order within 1 hour.
  • Dogecoin, you will reveive order within 1 hour.

Bitkul system will send your order per email after your payment confirmed.

If you are loged-in bitkul member, the order details will be found at “My Account” — “My Orders” too.