There's No cheating , No fake results. Your Prediction based on real cyrptocurrency price, No one can control the prediction results except yourself. It's an absolute fair play.


Security is always our priority. Our team enforces multiple layers of security including bank-level encryption, cold storage and SSL, ensuring you can play with 100% confidence.


We highly respect your privacy.
You can deposit,transfer,withdraw anonymously.We collect your personal data as few as possible. You don't need upload any personal paper to us.


We offer you multiplier communications to us and to other participants. You can send messages or chat with others to exchange your thoughts about prediction.

General User Guide & Faqs

Sign up

Click avatar on Bitkul site header

Click “SIGN UP” button


Fill out the sign up form and click “SIGNUP”


Mobile Number is an optional field. If you sign up with mobile number, you may login bitkul without password via OTP (One Time Password).

Log In

Click avatar on Bitkul site header

Login with password :

Enter your email and password, then click “LOGIN”.


Login without password :

If you have registered your mobile number, you may also login without password.

Enter your mobile number , let “Password” field keeping empty , click “LOGIN WITH OTP”.

Bitkul system will send your OTP (One Time Password) via SMS. Enter your OTP to login.

Forgot password

Click avatar on Bitkul site header

Click “forgot your password”


Enter your email , click “RESET PASSWORD”. You will get an email with reset password link. Reset password as you wish.

Or enter your mobile number (If you have registered with your mobile number), click “RESET PASSWORD”. You will get a Reset password Code via SMS. Enter your Code then reset your password as you wish.




Currency system

Bitkul prediction platform uses USDT as game currency.

Users can deposit USDT by using cryptocurrency like Bitcoin , Litecoin ….

Bitkul supports USDT as withdrawal currency.


Convert Rate of USDT to USD :

1 USDT = 1 USD


How to play

Predicting if cryptocurrency price will go high or low.

Choose a Asset, Duration and your investment (stake), start to play. Win money just in few seconds.


Stake@1.55 means winning rate. If your Stake is 10 USDT, you will win 5.55 USDT.

Stake Range is 5 ~ 100 USDT.


Practice Prediction

At bitkul homepage you can practice your prediction skills before you play real.

There is 50 USDT default fund which is only for practicing. The winnings or losings are not recorded by bitkul system.

After practice you can sign up and deposit for playing real prediction game.



Win /lose history

  1. Click your avatar on top right corner to access your user dashboard.
  2. On dashboard click “History” tab to view all your win/lose records.


Deposit & Saving Account

In Bitkul you have 2 type of accounts.

  1. Deposit Account : All your deposited Funds go into deposit account.
  2. Saving Account   : All your bonus go into saving account.

Fund between deposit account and saving account can be swapped ( see Exchange).

For funds in saving account bitkul offers Certificate of Deposit (see CDs)


Find Account Balance

After login click your Avatar — “MY ACCOUNT” menu.


On “INFO” tab there is overview of your Deposit balance , Saving balance.



Or at “MY ACCOUNT” sidebar

Deposit& Saving history

After login click your Avatar — “MY ACCOUNT” menu.


At “History” tab shows by default your history of your deposit account.

If you want to check history of your saving account ,click “ShowSaving“.



Add funds

There are 3 different ways to deposit

  1.  After login, on the prediction’s page click “Deposit”


2. After login,click your avatar on top right corner to access to your user dashboard. On dashboard click “ADD FUNDS”.On wallet page enter deposit amount in usdt then click “ADD FUNDS”




3. At user dashboard right sidebar,enter deposit amount in usdt then click “ADD FUNDS”

Supported cryptocurrency

Currently we support  :

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Bitcoin (Lightning Network)
  3. Litecoin
  4. Bitcoin Cash
  5. BNB Coin
  6. Dogecoin
  7. Ether
  8. TrueUSD
  9. Tether USD
  10. USD//C
  11. Ripple

And Paypal is also available.

How to withdrawal

  1. After login,click your avatar on top right corner to access to your user dashboard.
  2. On dashboard click “Withdrwal” tab.
  3. Add your USDT address and the withdrawal amount in USDT, and verify your phone number, click “SUBMIT”.


Withdrawal fees

There is no withdrawal fees

Withdraw amount

There is no limit. You are allowed to withdraw as much as you like.

Withdrawal frequency

You can send us your withdraw request once per day.

Processing time

Your withdrawal request will be processed within 12 hours.


After login click your Avatar — “MY ACCOUNT” menu.

At “Exchange” tab, you may exchange (swap) funds between deposit account and saving account.

Before exchanging (swapping)


After swapping

Why exchange

Because 2 Tpye of accounts have different usages.

Users can exchange Funds in deposit account into saving account to earn extra funds by joining Certificate of Deposit (CDs).


Certificate of Deposit (CDs)

Put your extra fund to work and out of reach with a Certificate of Deposit. CDs offer competitive rates that are guaranteed for the term of the deposit. Invest for as short as 7 days, or as long as 30 days for an even higher interest rate, then renew it as many times as you like.



Users contact us via Message by clicking message icon in your account area:


In message box click “COMPOSE” to write new messages to our support team.


At “Send To” field enter “bitkul-support” to reach our support team.


Your messages are private messages which are only visible to our support team. Other users will NOT see your message.

We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.



Contact us

For Visitor please contact us via our contact form :




Join affiliate program

Every registered user joins bitkul affiliate program automatically. Users don’t need to apply extra affiliate access.

Affiliate link

After login you click user avatar on top right corner to access user account.

At INFO page you find your affiliate link.


Commission rate

We give you the opportunity to earn some of the most competitive commissions in the online gaming industry. You can earn up to 40% revenue share with us.

Read more about Commission Rate

Social media Sharing

Your affiliate link is seamless integrated with social media sharing. This means, when  someone clicks your Shared Infomation on social media, she/he will open bitkul plattform with your affiliate ID.  Once a visitor through your affiliate link signs up and deposits, you will get rewards.

Read more about Commissions :

40% Commission For Bitkul Exclusive Referral Program

You find social sharing buttons at prediction page after login.


Affiliate costs

There are no costs involved so you can become an affiliate for free.