General User Guide & FAQs

How To Play Cryptocurrency Prediction

Predicting if cryptocurrency price will go high or low.

Choose a Asset, Duration and your investment (stake), start to play. Win money just in few seconds.


How to find my win /lose records

  1. Click your avatar on top right corner to access your user dashboard.
  2. On dashboard click “History” tab to view all your win/lose records.


How the system calculates payout

If you win, you win 80% of the stake. If you lose, you lose the whole stake.


For example:

Your stake is $10, this $10 will be frozen by system automatically.

System shows “Payout $18.00 “.

If you win, system will

1) unfreeze the $10.

2) add $10 x 80% = $8 into your balance.

3) save your winning result into your History list.

If you lose,system will

1) deduct the $10.

2) save the result into your History list.

How to withdrawal

  1. After login,click your avatar on top right corner to access to your user dashboard.
  2. On dashboard click “Wallet” tab to request withdrawal.
  3. Select your withdrwal method
  4. Add your cryptocurrency address and the the amount in USD, click “SUBMIT”.



How much are the withdrawal fees

There is no withdrawal fees

How long takes withdrawal

Your request will be processed within 12 hours.

How much can I withdraw

There is no limit. You are allowed to withdraw as much as you like.

How often can I withdraw

You can send us your withdraw request once per day.

What is convert exchange rate for withdrawal

We are using Open 24h price form as exchange rate to convert your USD into Bitcoin or USDT .

How To Join Bitkul Affiliate Program

Every registered user joins bitkul affiliate program automatically. Users don’t need to apply extra affiliate access.

Where To Find My Affiliate Link

After login you click user avatar on top right corner to access user profile.

At profile page you find your affiliate link.


Use Affiliate Link By Sharing On Social Media

Your affiliate link is seamless integrated with social media sharing. This means, when  someone clicks your Shared Infomation on social media, she/he will open bitkul plattform with your affiliate ID.  Once a visitor through your affiliate link signs up and deposits, you will get rewards.

Read more about REWARDS :

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You find social sharing buttons at prediction page after login.