With Cyberattacks On the Rise This Wallet Technology Is Not Only Fashionable But Functional

The wallet is a universal must-have. Men and women alike use it to store their money and credit cards, but there are very few unisex, sleek options on the market right now.

All too often, men are forced to choose between several dozen bulky leather wallets that add an unnecessary, unsightly bulge to their back pockets. The leather begins to wear down over time, forcing the wallet to begin to stretch and grow misshapen. This continues on until another wallet is eventually purchased, and so the process starts once again.

Hundreds upon hundreds of dollars are spent on these wallets, so it seems only right that we begin to consider an alternative. What if I told you that there was a sleek, durable wallet on the market that would last you just as long as a leather wallet, but without the added bulk?

Carbon fiber has been used in everything from motor sports to luxury cars to military, so the folks over at Carbon Fiber Gear have taken it a step further and made a sleek, gorgeous wallet out of it.

Carbon fiber wallets are not only guaranteed to last you for a long time, but they look great and ultra high tech. As a matter of fact, it is perfect for all ages, and suits both men and women.

Take the Common Fibers RFID Blocking Max Wallet for example. Not only does it have 6 credit card pockets, 2 hidden pockets, and 1 cash compartment, but it also boasts built-in theft protection and a black diamond ripstop interior that makes this wallet look truly luxury.

Just in case that isn’t enough incentive to go out and try something new, they have also introduced a line of Carbon Fiber money clips to choose from. With this line, you receive the familiar freedom of a money clip with the unique durability and sustainability that we have come to expect with carbon fiber.

Made completely from real carbon fiber with a twill weave and a durable matte finish, this super lightweight money clip can comfortably hold as little as 1 bill and as many as 8 credit cards and 11 bills at once.


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With Cyberattacks On the Rise This Wallet Technology Is Not Only Fashionable But Functional

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