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Bitkul is a different way to do online commerce.

Unlike traditional marketplace such as ebay or amazon bitkul is a free marketplace. Sellers pay ZERO platform service fees. No membership fees. It’s totally free to use.  Buyers pay digital currency like bitcoin, litecoin or dogecoin to sellers just like they buy stuffs and pay with USDs or EUROs.  

Our plattform concentrate on offering better trade environment to buyers and sellers. That includes to offer cost free plan to sellers and high efficient customer service to buyers.

Enjoy your happy shopping journey on bitkul !

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Digital Currency 



0% Fees 

Totally Free 


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Anonymity and Privacy

We don't collect your private information. Keeping anonymity as you wished.

Digital Currency

Pay with digital currency like bitcoin and litecoin. It's seucre,fast and low cost.

No Product Limits

Sell an unlimited number of products. From one item or thousands.

Easy File Download

No problem for downloading large files. Optimised high speed download service ready for buyers.

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